St. Barts offers a paradise-like setting in the French West Indies. The volcanic island is surrounded by shallow reefs and is home to just 9,000 residents. The island’s tourists rarely know the rich history of the island, but still swarm to the turquoise coastline.

St.Bart History

The island was settled in 1648 and given to Sweden in a trade under King Louis XVI. The trade allowed the island to prosper, and would lead to it becoming a trading hub for European goods. Luxury was apparent even in the 18th century.

The island was given back to the French in 1878 and the inhabitants were granted French citizenship in 1946.

Tourist attraction St. Bart

Luxury is very much a part of life in St. Barts.

The hotel industry plays a large part for the island and offers ample employment options for residents while allowing tourists to bask in the luxuries the island provides.

Fourteen beaches line the shores of St. Barts, where iguanas roaming freely. A true Euro-themed utopia, ultimate relaxation awaits guests that are part of an exclusive few that can afford the island’s luxuries.

The rich visit the island to escape their hectic lifestyles.

Clubs and rich nightlife are best experienced on surrounding islands. St. Barts is the most elegant of the Caribbean islands and most exclusive, too. Super-stylish accommodations await, with yachts pulling into the dock at all times.

Fine dining is alive and well on the island, with gourmet restaurants lining the streets.

A French flavor is in the air as celebrities and millionaires walk the streets. The sense of exclusiveness is apparent the moment your boat docks, as the island’s guests are often part of the wealthy elite.

Guests who want to experience marine life up close can snorkel at the L’Orient, where they can watch turtles swim through the waves in an almost majestic dance with the water.

Surfers from across the globe clamor to one of the best surfing destinations on the planet: Toiny. Fast, barreling Atlantic waves make this is a paradise for pro surfers practicing for their next big competition.

Guests to the island will feel like they’re staying in their own world where everyone has a smile on their face.

The best beaches in the world are in St. Bart. Grand Cul De Sac is often named as one of the world’s most pristine beaches. Anse Des Flamands is an elegant stretch of white beaches featuring strong currents and quick shelving sands.

Grand Saline is a beach on every sun-lovers bucket list. A leafy corridor and coral sand greet guests. The beach is almost silent with no shade or bars – just rich guests sprawled out taking in the sun’s rays.

St. Bart Shell Beach

Additionally, St. Barts offers numerous luxury hotels. A few are mentioned below to get an idea of what it is like to enjoy real luxury.

Marla Villas – Luxury at its Finest

Sprawling views, infinity pools and windowed rooms allow visitors of the island to bask in an oasis. Marla Villas, a real estate company in Gustavia, makes every guest feel like royalty the moment they arrive. The Villas consists of 160 villas available to guests year-round.

Comfort and privacy are the pinnacle of the villas, and guests can enjoy both with extensive concierge services.

Each villa is fully-serviced with tailored services based on your needs. The hotel can:

  • Book a car
  • Secure plane tickets
  • Offer private chefs
  • Get you a massage
  • Start you on your favorite watersport

Everything is possible at Marla Villas. Guests are covered, including children, which have certified childcare services to watch them. Marla’s representatives greet guests at the Docks to escort you to your villa.

Guests who plan to transfer to St. Martin can enjoy a private plane, speed boat or ferry offered by Marla Villas.

Services are booked on your behalf, and you don’t need to lift a finger. With Marla, you get one of the best villa rental services in St Barts.

If that’s not enough to entice you, the rooms will. Each room has its own personality and décor that screams luxury and oozes value.