Today we’ll be heading into a bit of a different route this blog has gone previously, as we have only taken a look at specific locations. Whenever someone is planning their vacation, the first step includes finding the perfect place to go to accommodate their vacation needs. However, despite the commonality of vacations, many have no clue of where to visit during their time off, therefore, a need for ideas and recommendations are required.

There are resources located both online and in print that give “holiday-desperate” people like you and me the possibility to research, find, and discover that perfect vacation spot we so longingly yearn.

Yet still, many people make the wrong choice and end up either in hotel accommodations that they do not enjoy or in some cases, the whole environment is not what was expected by the travelers. To avoid any disasters during your vacation, various tools can help you make the right choice, today we’ll be looking at one of those called Tripmondo. Tripmondo aims to simplify the trip-planning process and show its users exactly what to expect when they visit a specific area. Tripmondo was built in the owner’s spare time and aims to “provide curious people with an idea of what it’s like in a certain city on this planet.”

About Tripmondo is a website which, at its core, is dedicated to providing the highest quality information about traveling to numerous popular locations as well as some unpopular destinations. The website is actually divided into three sections: Explore Places, Travel Magazine and Travel Insurance, which we’re going to take a closer look at.

Tripmondo – Explore Places

When a Tripmondo visitor clicks on “Explore Places” they are first greeted with two top-fifteen lists. The first is the top fifteen viewed places (usually cities) and the second is the top fifteen viewed countries. These two lists will provide users with an idea of current, popular travel destinations. If users are looking for a more general start to their vacation idea exploration, they may scroll down the page a bit to find brief introductions to all the continents. From there, users may choose a continent that appeals to them and begin to narrow down their options to a specific area in that continent, some of which are listed below each continent. The sidebars of the page provide suggestions for exciting activities on the undecided trip such as golf, fortress tours, religious buildings and zoos.

Once a user has located a region they wish to learn more about, they are presented with a myriad of information about the location. First off, there are general facts about where in its country the location is and what its population is like. Tripmondo then displays the current time of the destination as well as suggestions for what other nearby places are worth visiting. The last introduction information provided is the nearest airport to the selected destination so that users can immediately find where they need to fly into to get to their newly selection vacation spot.
Next up, TripMondo has user-generated photo and video galleries of interesting pictures and videos taken at the chosen location. This media allows the users to envision themselves at the same place and determine if they would enjoy spending their vacation there. If they are available for the area, there are even some live webcams included on the Tripmondo information page.
Additionally, each location has the current weather conditions as well as the next few days forecast so that if users are leaving soon, they may determine what the weather would be like for their visit.
Tripmondo also lists a few suggested sightseeing tips, background information and trivia tidbits to help users plan their trip more efficiently.

Finally, there is a list of suggested hotels for the selected area. Therefore, users may find their destination, flight information, and hotel all on one page very conveniently.

The section delivers what it promises, “Explore Places”, and gives visitors a detailed idea about the place, what can be done there and what to look for.

Travel Magazine and Travel Insurance

In addition to providing travel information and tips for specific locations, Tripmondo also has its own travel magazine and travel insurance available.

The magazine is a simple exploration of a handful of worldwide destinations that once again are there to inspire readers to visit certain locations. It’s a great place for some in-depths reading for specific locations. It provides facts, statistics and favorites among travelers. Each continent is taken a specific look at and provides a list of countries within the area. The magazine receives updates sporadically.

The travel insurance option provided by Tripmondo is supplied by Nomad Travel Insurance. The main page for insurance has an explanation of what the different levels of travel insurance do and do not protect as well as suggestions for when you need travel insurance. At the bottom of the page, users may request a free, instant quote for their travel insurance needs.

Other Alternatives

Besides Tripmondo, there are a number of other options potential travelers may investigate. In order to find the cheapest and best hotels, many people suggest Trivago. For cheap flights combined with hotels, Expedia and Kayak have been around for quite a while and have always provided users with good results that save them a bit of cash on a normally extravagant expense.