Costa Del Sol. situated in the south of Spain between Costa Tropical and Costa de la Luz, this coastline’s name literally translates to “Sun Coast” or “Coast of the Sun” and is located in the Province of Málaga. With a beautiful location, Costa Del Sol is a popular tourist destination with plenty of fun things to see and do. This guide takes a look at some of the hotspots as well as a permanent residency at the Costa del Sol.

Tourist Hotspots in Costa Del Sol

Puente Nuevo Bridge

Located in Ronda, Puente Nuevo Bridge is the newest and the largest of three bridges that carry the Guadalevin River. The bridge also divides the city.

Costa del Sol is located around Malaga

Designed by José Martin de Aldehuela, construction of the bridge started in 1751 and took 42 years to complete. The views from the bridge are spectacular and the quaint town of Ronda is definitely worth exploring.

Museum of Glass and Crystal

In the town of Málaga, you’ll find the Museum of Glass and Crystal. The museum is housed in a restored palace from the 18th century and contains a unique private collection of the world’s most beautiful glass and crystal pieces. There are over 3,000 pieces in total on display from a variety of culture and time periods.

One added bonus to visiting this museum: the entry fee includes a guided tour.

Museo Automovilistico De Malaga

If you’re a car lover, Museo Automovilistico De Malaga is another one of Málaga’s famous museums with a collection of over 90 classic cars and is the place for you. In addition, you’ll also see over 200 haute couture contemporary art designs and pieces.

Parque De La Paloma

If you’re looking for peace and quiet, Parque De La Paloma offers a tranquil setting and is located in Benalmadena. The park is free to enter and home to plenty of animals, including chickens, goats, turtles and rabbits.

If you’re spending time in town, Parque De La Paloma is definitely worth a visit – especially if you’re traveling with children.

Bar Ole

Also located in Benalmadena, Bar Ole is a favorite hotspot for foreign tourists and locals alike. The bar’s owners are welcoming and friendly, and the establishment is situated in a charming Spanish square. With over 200 cocktails to choose from, you’re sure to have a good time at Bar Ole. Definitely a place to check out during different parts of the day to cool off and have some fun.

Benalmadena Puerto Marina

Benalmadena Puerto Marina is home to plenty of great restaurants, shops and bars. Even if you’re not interested in shopping or dining, the marina offers a lovely place to take a walk and enjoy the coastal atmosphere.

Malaga, Spain

Buying a Home in Costa Del Sol

Loved your trip to Costa Del Sol so much, you’re ready to call it home? Buying a home in Costa Del Sol can be a complex task, especially if you’re a foreigner. Thousands of tourists have chosen to make this part of Spain their permanent residence for retirement or buy a vacation home. There are various bureaucratic hurdles which need to be taken care of first, here’s what you need to know:

The Reservation Document

The first step to buying a home in Spain is to the reservation document. Make sure that this document meets all of the minimum legal requirements before moving on with the purchase.

Typically referred to as “arras,” this agreement between the seller and buyer wherein the seller expresses their commitment to transfer the property to the buyer. Under the “arras,” the buyer also expresses their intent to purchase the property.

At this time, the buyer also provides the seller with a percentage of the sale price. Under this agreement, if the buyer backs out, they lose their deposit, and if the seller backs out, they will have to pay double.

Nota Simple Informativa

This document will be provided by the Property Registry, and will tell you: if the property is debt-free, if the description of the property is accurate, and if the property really belongs to the seller.


The next step is to obtain a mortgage from a bank. There are several requirements that you will have to meet before you can be approved for a mortgage. You will also work with (and pay for) an appraiser to inspect the structural integrity of the property.

Some of the items that you will need to provide include:

  • Your last 3 paycheck stubs
  • Your DNI or NIE
  • Your work contract
  • Your last income tax return
  • The pre-agreement with the seller
  • Proof that all property taxes are up to date

A variety of other documents may also need to be provided in order to be approved for a mortgage.

These are just the first few steps to purchasing a property in Costa Del Sol. Once you have found a property you’re interested in, working with an experienced property lawyer can help ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Costa Del Sol and its magical pull

Costa del Sol has beautiful sights with various activities. Many vacationers have opted to make this part of Spain their permanent residency, which granted is not a bad place to have a house. Either way, Costa del Sol does have that magic to it which definitely makes it a go-to place if you’re planning a stay in the south of Europe during vacation.