Spain hosts an incredible amalgamation of cultures and architectural styles.  Playing out through the formation and aesthetics of its cities, Spain is one of the best places to go to take in the complex history and culture of Europe.  In particular, cities along the southern coast, like Almeria, play host to this history and stand today as diverse reminders of an incredible past.  Let’s take a moment to review at some of the most exciting Almeria tourist attractions.


Almeria`s Tourist Attractions

With a population just under 200,000 people, Almeria has a history and legacy that dates back two millennia.  Playing a central role in surrounding conflicts with its prime location along the southern shore of Spain, the city has accumulated a great deal of notable monuments, fascinating architecture, and cultural iconography.  In addition to incredibly amount of history that can be explored here, Almeria also remains a trendy city for tourists and locals from the surrounding towns to sit back, enjoy the scenery, and eat at one of the many restaurants.  They even hosted the Mediterranean Games in 2005, adding to its strong legacy as a center for sports.

With domestic and internal flights from the Almeria airport, flying directly into the city is easy.  If coming by boat, the docks of Almeria are extensive, capable of serving both smaller pleasure boats as well as large cruise ships.  If driving to the city, then the A-7 Mediterranean highway offers your quickest way to the city.  Once here, there are countless hotels, as well as several hostels offering space to travelers.


Exploring The Traditions & History of Almeria and its attractions

Combining architecture, natural beauty, incredible views, and a whole lot of historical context, the Monumental Ensemble of La Alcazaba sits on the hills to the north of city.  Meaning ‘The Citadel’ Alcazaba was built hundreds of years ago as a means for Moorish rulers to keep ownership and authority over their land and surrounding villages.  With no parking near by, the only way to take in the citadel, as well as the monument built in honor of Christianity, is to take the long walk yourself.  If you are going to Almeria during the warmer months of the year, then consider heading to the citadel in the morning or evening.  There is relatively little shade along the paths leading up to the citadel and monument.  If you are looking for a more centrally located moment to explore the unique traditions of Almeria, then look no further than the Cathedral of Almeria.  Looking akin to a fortress, the Cathedral of Almeria was a converted Mosque, rebuilt over the centuries and gradually added to over time.  With the last major renovation being done in a Renaissance architectural style, elements of the millennia in design can be seen in the building.

Citadel Almeria


Appreciating The Architecture & Life of Almeria

Along with seeing the primary historical landmarks of Almeria, there are countless secondary locations throughout the city that are frequently overlooked but no less important.  A popular example of this is the amazing Museum of Almeria.  A modern archeological museum, the Museum of Almeria dives into the cities’ extensive and complex past, highlighting aspects of life in Almeria over the centuries.  Information on the lives of people is complimented by the physicality of the past, preserved painstakingly in the museum to not only demonstrate but also actively show the architectural styles that had defined the city over the centuries.   A fantastic look, the Museum of Almeria is well worth devoting at least an afternoon to, if not longer.  In addition, its location makes it perfect for exploring other parts of the city.

If you are looking for a more recent example of the life and culture of Almeria, then consider checking out El Mercado Central de Almeria.  The central market of Almeria, El Mercado Central de Almeria is a fully covered market located near the center of the city.  An interesting combination of modern architectural styles in the heart of a very non-modern architectural aesthetic, the market is a great place to purchase fruits, vegetables, snacks, drinks, and prepared foods.  Understand that the market is not a tourist trap.  Instead, it is a great place to get a sense for the smells, tastes, and aesthetics of a more modern Almeria.  Consider walking the streets of Almeria as well.  Local street shows, shops, and restaurants help to add to the dynamic nature of this city, illustrating fun and exciting things to do, especially when the sun goes down.

Almeria Castle

alcazaba almeria


Almeria’s natural beauty tourist attractions

The southern shores of Spain have countless opportunities for exploration.  Sandy beaches, rocky outcrops, waterside caves, and rocks jutting out of the water create a dynamic natural aesthetic ripe for exploration and fun.  There are countless boating tours that go in and around the natural landmarks near Almeria.  Some, including kayaking tours allow you to explore the parts of the coast on your own.  Other tours, like the high-speed boat tours, add a bit of excitement to an otherwise fantastic opportunity to explore the natural beauty of southern Spain.  As always, if you have your own boat, then you can explore these natural beauties yourself, using the seaport at Almeria as a dock and launching off point for all your adventures.

If you are looking for beauty and the coastline is not your thing, than you are in luck.  We’ve already mentioned the Citadel and Monument, which overlook the city and provide excellent views as well as a little exercise.  There are also several parks both within the city and outside the city borders that are worth exploring.  The Parque Natural Sierra Alhamilla, the Desierto de Tabernas, and the Parque Narcional Sierra Nevada are all located to the north of the city and can be accessed through the A-92 highway corridor.

Cabo de Gata Almeria

Cabo de Gata from Beach

Almeria Beach


Where Does That Leave Us?

If you are interested in a city that sports an incredible architectural and historical legacy, then consider Almeria.  A less frequently sought after tourist destination, Almeria has all the amenities with fewer crowds.  From local parks, hiking destinations outside the city, and attractions right in the heart of everything, Almeria is an experience you need to have.